Food and Retail Solutions:

The integrated Convergence Platform has extensive inventory management to support food and retail operations. Our natively developed Inventory Control module is accessible through the main web-based Management Portal of our Platform and uses the same user accounts for your staff.

And inventory counts adjust in real time after POS or WEB sales!

We can handle complex operations with our support for warehousing and multiple locations. We streamline your vendor ordering to replenish inventory levels and support receiving of full or partial shipments. We have extensive reporting for reconciling inventory adjustments and COG analysis.

Inventory Control Features:
  • Counts adjust in real-time
  • Item or volume tracking
  • Electronic purchase orders (EDI)
  • Warehousing
  • Receiving partial shipments
  • Transfers between locations
  • Nightly inventory snapshots
  • COGS Reporting
  • Label making with UPC
To further support food operations, we have an integrated Kitchen Display System (KDS) to support routing of orders to kitchen, food prep areas and food runners. Our KDS has several features to also handle food orders from the web.

Our webstores have special features designed to support food orders. These include food modifiers (customizations), upsells, and kitchen messages. We also support closing of webstores for food orders during off-hours.

Coming soon are our new Food Kiosks!

Food Operations Features:
  • Integrated web orders
  • Food modifiers and upsells
  • Kitchen chit printers and order displays
  • Support for running of tabs and tipping
  • Inventory control with ingredients
  • Volume tracking for alcohol
  • Adhoc food items and kitchen messages
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