Donor, Member and Household Account Management

Our Fundraising Management starts with powerful online and POS capabilities to sell important development products. We integrate our donor management with our household account and membership management to give comprehensive reporting for constituents.

Donors and members can login to their household account portal to review their donations, memberships, and even education camp and class registrations of their family members. From this portal they may update their profile, renew or upgrade their memberships, and manage their entitlements.

Fundraising Post-It
  • Individual or Family Memberships
  • Membership packages with add-ons
  • Donations at Preset Levels
  • Donations at Checkout
  • Adoptions for animals or causes
  • Registration Packages for Fundraising Events
  • Bricks and Pavers with multi-line inscriptions

Our back office management allows clients to print donor or member acknowledgement letters, membership cards, and to optionally take photo ID image capture. In addition, we have capabilities to search for potential duplicate donor, member, or household records and powerful de-dup and merge functions.

Our reporting includes Fund Designation Reports, Household Total Spend Reports, Adoption Reports, Donation Reports, Tax Reporting, and Membership Renewal Reports.

  • Manage Memberships/Passes and Entitlements
  • Renew or upgrade memberships from household account portal
  • Manage and redeem credits for free events or tours
  • Exclusive member pre-registration for events and camps
  • Membership tiers for selective discounting
  • Export to Mailchimp for renewal autoresponder emails
  • Customer Account Portal
  • CRM Export
  • Track and Report on Household Spend
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